Thank you for visiting my website.  My interest in massage and healing goes way back, but I first realized my desire to pursue it as my life work when I received my first massage at 22.  I got off of the table and thought, wow, I’d love to help people feel this amazing.  As we all know, though, life happens and I didn’t end up achieving the goal until almost 15 years later.  I’m a believer that many times things happen for a reason, and this was definitely one of those times in my life and I’m grateful for it.  In my studies, I’ve learned all kinds of techniques from your regular Swedish massage to Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to Guided Meditation and also obtaining Master level in Reiki, which is one of my true passions in healing.  It’s always so incredible to me to see someone respond to healing work and be able to walk out of my spa a little more grounded, renewed and relaxed.  I believe it’s a gift to help facilitate that for you and I look forward to seeing you soon.

My Goal:

It’s my belief that our needs change from day to day, month to month.  With that knowledge, my goal is always to customize your treatment session to what your needs are at that time.  That means that sometimes we’ll focus more attention on different areas so when you leave, you feel refreshed, restored and grounded.  It’s always my hope to get your body and energy aligned to its optimum state.